Design furniture for children J4KID  Shanghai

J4KID - Shanghai Design furniture for children
is a passionate team of 40 full time craftsmen and employees that want to bring fresh new designs to you. In times where furniture retailers find themselves in the line of fire, J4KID came with a factory outlet concept and grew solely through the hard work of the staff and the support of customers that called out for friendly fair service and an exciting collection of new modern designs.

With our furniture for children we want to inspire creativity. Everyone is unique, and everyone is creative. So we’re here to supply the elements – both products and information – to help you construct a home unlike any other. Have a look at our models.

In the end, it’s all about the furniture (and accessories) and using them to create your ideal living space for you and for your children. So, our mission is to provide furniture that’s safe, high quality, and affordable.