Design furniture for children J4KID  Shanghai

Care and Maintenance


On demand of our customers find below a chart of cleaning recommandations. Please keep children away from all cleaning products.

Cleaning Recommendations

Common Stains 1 2 3
Chewing Gum D A  
Motor Oil B    
Spray Paint B    
Mildew or Wet Leaves* C B A
Yellow Mustard A B C
Oil Based Paint D B  
Suntan Lotion* A B  
Tar/Asphalt D B  
Lipstick A B  
Latex Paint A B  
Crayon D B  
Ketchup A B  
Grease D B  
Ballpoint Ink* E B A
Household Soil A B  
Permanent Marker* E B C
Coffee, Tea, Chocolate B    
A. Medium-soft brush, warm soapy water / Rinse / Dry.

B. Vinyl finish cleaner

C. One (1) tablespoon ammonia, one fourth (¼) cup hydrogen peroxide, three-fourths (¾) cup of water Rinse / Dry.

D. Wipe or scrape off excess (chill gum with ice)

E. Denatured Alcohol / Rinse / Dry

Note: All cleaning methods must be followed by a thorough rinse with water.

* Suntan Lotion, Tree Pollen, Wet Leaves and some other products contain dyes that stain permanently.

Picture: Toddler on VITO, black leather.