Design furniture for children J4KID  Shanghai

Colors and wood finishes

Two paint ingredients that are considered not safe for babies and toddlers: chromates and lead compounds. Fortunately, paints used on the J4KID furniture models do not contain either of these chemicals.

In the past (generally prior to the 1990s) colored paints based on reds, yellows and oranges contained lead-chromate pigments and they were not "safe" when ingested by infants / babies. Many of the articles that you might have read in newspapers about lead poisoning of infants have been on account of these "old" paints. Also in the past, again prior to the 1990s, lead pigments were used in primers and some white topcoats. J4KID only selects suppliers that provide "non-chemical" paint.

Please keep in mind that for custom made furniture, paint or glue need to dry and should remain in ventilated area before use, especially for infants. This to avoid any odour annoyances.

Picture: Ming chair, more on this model in the products section